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Electric Shock
Monday, September 17, 2012, 11:15 PM

HAHA I can't believe I'm blogging when there's like less than 40 days to O Levels.
But yeah, press on!

Looking back at it after my O's,
I can just imagine how frigging fantastic this will feel.

Wanted to remove the previous post since it just sounds really stupid & such haha but there's that dedication to aika & gaki.

Though today was kinda a bad day, I'm glad it all work out in the end.
Thank you Lord! :)

The Only Exception (II)
Friday, May 18, 2012, 10:19 PM

"Ms Loo is the first Maths teacher that by far, had said that my maths was "usually v.good"
Getting the lowest for Mock Prelims in P6, failing or not being able to score well under LWK.
No maths teacher would say that "Oh gloria, you have the potential to get a distinction in Maths."
Thank you Ms Loo.
Though many said it was a easy paper, and a near borderline A1 is not a very significant achievement.
You brought out the potential in me to ever score a distinction in Maths.
Though those many stupid careless mistakes were still made.

Now, that you are leaving.
I am numb.
No more maths remedial sessions where you show us the extremely cute sides of you.
No longer shall we see badmans, doraemons or transformers.
No more "Gloria ah, got do corrections anot ah?"

No more baby-ish Ms Loo.
Ms Loo is by far, the best and most awesome Maths teacher I have ever seen.
G2 and C3, under her got 1st and 2nd among the classes.
I mean C3, though we were 2nd, we were SECOND LAST last year.

Numb feelings.
I don't deserve such scores.
But as for Chinese and English, I really believed at least I could score an B3/A2-1 for these two.
But Chinese Paper 1 : 46.5/90 Paper 2 : 70.5
TOTAL: 58.5

If I am screwing HCL up, I should just kill myself.

My best subject last year became my worst this year.

4As. 2Cs.
I guess it's still ok considering it most were cramming.
Cramming works better than mugging to me I guess.

To those depressed:
Cheer up~ There's still EOYs to work hard for!"

HAHAHA the title of the above post was "The Only Exception"

Okay and under the respawn of Ms Loo,
Finally got a distinction for Math in a major exam since 2010.
That's actually quite depressing.

This may come off as bragging but probably just need to get it off my chest.
Really, really thankful to those who have helped me all along & especially God's faithfulness,
Even though I totally didn't deserve it.
But it at least convinces me that I have the potential to be "usually very good" at math.

Okay even if the papers were easy & compared to the rest of the class, I under-performed.
As an individual, I think I have gone beyond my own expectations.

Probably shouldn't whine about my other grades, but there's always that but.
So...I am still gonna whine about it.
I know it's really insensitive of me to whine about it in front of others since it's already alright, but idk at the end of the day it's still the matter of whether I've surpassed myself.
Combined humans was always my strongest subject.
There was even that possibility of being first in level for it and receiving the award during Speech Day just to figure out that I lost out in decimal places.
And I flopped really badly for SS this year.
& my History grades are dropping too.
I think it's due to my irresponsibility and my stupid pompous;arrogant attitude.
Always trying to smoke out the teachers by writing one paragraphs, hoping it would work out.
Well, it did work out last year but no longer this year.
So the combination of a borderline B3 & A2 was a B3, which was not what I had in mind.
But...always be thankful eh?
So, I am glad to receive such results.

Okay the controversial issue of Literature.
Got 20 for the essays Ms.T marked.
I really,really feel that I should not be getting the 20 for one of the essay.
I can't help but feel that because I've always been rather consistent in my lit work this year, Ms.T was more lenient towards me for that essay since she expects me to be able to produce that quality no matter what.
Was silently begging that they will not photocopy my essays when they talk about photocopying essays.
That sounds proud..but there is that possibility since a 20/25 for an essay doesn't come by easily.
Everyone will probably read it and think "And she got a 20/25 for this?" ;;
On the other hand, I think Mr M was rather strict on me HAHA
But it's my own fault for stubbornly sticking with passage just because I thought the odds would be in my favour if I did passage.
It was more of courting my own death please.

Languages were just pfft.
Full of shit seriously, allow me to be crude.
The lowest out of the bunch of subjects.
English comprehension is usually my forte, but it always fails me during major exams.
Did pretty badly for Chinese P2 as compared to last year's EOYs.
Contributed the most to my lackluster L1R5.

Biology was rather alright considering my efforts but I just wished it could have been better if I was willing to put in more effort instead of getting distracted.
Chemistry was just serious bullshit too, although I did improve by leap and bounds compared to last year.
I guess I got complacent because for all the tests I could scrape pass with an A1 with cramming so I thought it would work out the same way.
No shit man, you reap what you sow.
So a B4 was what I sow.
But the funny thing was for bio, my paper 1 pulled up the entire score (P1>P2(A)>P2(B))
And for chem, it's the direct opposite heh (P2(B)>P2(A)>P1)

Feels great to vent and get it off my chest although there is no one reading it. ;~;
This sounds damn superficial HAHA going on and on about grades and all.
But that's who I am and I guess I have to accept myself for who I am now and work on it.
Awwwww little Gloria is growing up from her childish thinkings.
I really love my 14 year old self though, albeit I was still striving to create an identity for myself.
But at least it doesn't sound as repulsive as last time, back before 2009.
Still striving to make my mark now.

Onwards, towards O's!
I have no clear target, but I really, really do not want to have any regrets.

Already feeling pretty overwhelmed with regrets over mid years, but really thankful to God, my supportive friends and family for helping me to achieve major improvement and attain reasonable grades at least ^^


#special dedication to aika&gaki ♥♥♥

Like a ♥ Song
Monday, December 26, 2011, 12:45 AM

Okay gonna rant about my fail love life.
Well not love life exactly but ugh how fail I am with my crushes.

Busy being an idiot so I went to see friendship with one of my longest lasting crush that lasted for like nearly 7 years.
Which finally ended recently, though I am still not sure whether there are still any lingering feelings for him.
It's all from me wishing him hbd and on my birthday ever since I was 13 (since fb wasn't really that active before that) but yet none on my birthday.
I admit I always anticipate it ;;
Okay that's pretty cute/loser-ish idk but you can't rob a girl of her sweet fantasies.
But we've been friends on fb since Nov 2008 trolololol.
The saddest shit is that my best memory of him dates back to 2008.
& it's going to be 2012.
Well, it's weird if I had talk to him at all ever since we graduated.
I am sure he would suspect something lol although he should have known.

This is getting more depressing and lamer by the second, help.
I sound like some 9 year old kid.
Okay that's the age I started liking him.

HAHA latest infatuation is a no-no, just found out today.
Oh right, it's Christmas.
But today was a pleasant day~ ♥
Had fun with church mate and spent last night lying in bed being serenaded by SNSD heh.
Okay but the infatuation at least subsided alot.
It's gone.
Which is pretty sad.
Because I do not want to go back to pining for a guy who doesn't really care about my existence.

Whenever I really like a guy I would seriously try my best to make sure everyone around doesn't realises it before I get stupid and start telling everyone.
Keeping things in your heart just doesn't feel good at times.

Well being surprisingly calm while typing all this scares me.
But I think I am screwed sobs.
Screwed in the good way, perhaps.
Whenever I see my crush with another girl (note: a girl whom i admire/respect/like), I feel so frigging happy okay I would fangirl over them.
Then again I fangirl over every single couple because it's really cute ♥♥
I think this are the after-effects of reading too much shoujo mangas & dramas.

Then again when the dude was being all too nice to me I got freaked out.
Okay but he's too temperamental and predictable and that eventually got me sick and tired.
But tbh, I was scared out of my wits because he was too nice.

Conclusion of this post: I am a weirdo that has a warp idea of romance.

If I Die Young
Saturday, December 17, 2011, 12:13 AM

Okay after getting into a car accident today, I am ever more determined to post my will/idk-what-is-this called somewhere so people feel more comforted or something if I die suddenly and I can account for my life that I have lived.

I am pretty serious about this okay, although it seems like a joke (^^;)

Oh if anyone is fretting over how am I after the car accident I can only say thank God I didn't sat at the position my dad usually wants me to sit at so the car is more balanced.
Or else idk whether I can be typing here hmm.

Textbooks & Notes- Whoever who needs/wants them, please take it okay they are like my prized possessions because they are pretty & untouched as I am pretty anal about my notes. PLEASE JUST ASK MY MUM FOR THEM, DON'T LET THEM BE INCINERATED.

(Wish I could use pretty english like my big bro but whatever for now my lingual skills just aren't as awesome T.T)

Hmm i-touch - I would like to give it to Priscilla HAHA or probably you can share it with Pang since both of you love to change my wallpaper so much you two can change it for all you like now.

My phone - Family: Just trade it in and get money HAHA

Stuffs in my wallet- Kpop photos to be given to whoever that wants them and all my Polaroids are from Yixian so I shall give them back to Yixian too ^^ Neoprints...burn it along with my coffin lol that's sad, okay maybe whoever that wants a "piece" of me can take it HAHA

Barney specs - Priscilla/Pang you can take it.

My bible - Vivian Ma HAHA

Clothes- Whoever that wants it please take them. Kel dear, you can have my "YOU CAN BE MY OTHER BOYFRIEND" shirt.

Calculator- Laomao, take it and get 100 for Math!!!

Accessories- Michy Leong since you have so many you can have more of them ( ̄ー ̄)

Shoes - JLJM, but you probably wouldn't want them even if they fit you lol plus you have so many new cool kicks.

TPC - Family: Trade it in but save all my stuff on a USB and give it to someone who wants it ;;

Neopets Acc - Jiehui

Choir Scores - Jierong HAHA

Everything else, miscellaneous - To all my friends I am honestly too lazy to name here but I honestly ♥ every single one of you even if you are just an acquaintance okay!! Not everyone has the privilege to know me and have me love them so much.

Sigh idk about the people I have liked before, on whether should I tell my friends to tell these lucky/unlucky guys that I have really liked them from the bottom of my broken heart before in case it freaks the hell out of them since this would be after I die but please rest assure them I won't be coming back to haunt them just because they didn't return my feelings or what HAHA I would be blessing them for their love life in heaven.

As for my friends, I really loved each and everyone of you I can't say this enough but honestly it was a pleasure to know every single one of you and how each of you shine & create awesome memories. Idk how many of you get to see my matured side (honestly it exists) but as for my crappy side, I hope you guys had as much fun with me as I had with you. Thank you to every single one of you muah muah muah~ ♥

Loved ones ^^, please don't cry too much for me okay or maybe I am thinking too much ;; Daddy, Mummy, and my great bros, I thank God for being born into such a great family. Admist tears, laughter, arguments, door bangings, fights, I am really, really glad and happy and elated and exhilarated to be a family with you guys. May God bless you all if I ever die young I promise to look over you guys in heaven (if I am allowed there) Don't miss me too much okay, promise to live for God's purpose in your lives. At least, there would be eczema no more!! (*^▽^*) As for my relatives, all my aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, really ♥ each and every of you very much, thanks for everything up till then, created brilliant memories with each and every of you. For those who haven't believed in the Almighty all-loving God yet, please do so asap HAHA ^^

To everyone else I have known, thank you and you should thank me too :)

Of course this would be the worse case scenario since I really wish to get married to someone God has planned for me and have cute kids.

I wish for my funeral to be like my fifth aunt's one if this scenario ever happens.
The funeral was beautiful despite the strong sorrow felt from her passing.

“让这个世界,因为有了我二有一点点小小的差别" - <那些年,我们一起追的女孩〉

Okay this is so melancholic ;;
I honestly hope this doesn't happen but life is in God's hands right?
He gives & he takes.

But I hope to be able to live for God before this ever happens.
Therefore, I really have to give my all because honestly idk when I will ever take my last breath on earth.
For hope for the everlasting life is far better than worrying over this right?

But if I die young, idk if I want to be buried under a bed of roses okay. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Just remember, I ♥ all of you~!

Sorry if I have ever hurt anyone of you with my words or actions I might have meant harm towards you back then but please forgive me alrights! ><

Alrights enough of this for now :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011, 12:13 AM

HAHA I guess this is the perfect place to express my thoughts and such although there's a risk.
Anyways, it's too public on Tumblr, and text posts seems to fit in with Blogger/Wordpress style more.

Withdrawal syndrome from camp ;~;
But I finally learnt that I should not be exposed to killer smiles and I would get heart palpitations at night and lose sleep sobs.
Anyways, this year's combined LCS camp was really much better than last year.
Got to bond with dorm mates and have our girl's talk.
& bond with JCC-ians too ^^
Of course, the words of God!

Tbh, I am worried for my survival every single day.
Because thinking about it, you never know when God intend for you to join him.
So while I have the chance to still be on Earth with everyone else, I should really try my best to live for God's purpose.
全心摆上 :)

Well, gotta start living.
I don't even have a life goal sigh.
Should honestly seek God much more often since we have received from him something we did not deserve.
Where would you find thy great love? T.T

Speaking of love, sigh.
It's back to the issue of killer smiles. (*´▽`*)
Well, probably a infatuation that would die off soon.
But I think I hid it pretty well lol.
Before letting off some subtle hints to Pris, she couldn't guess it eh ^^
Maybe because it's been 6 years already.
Even if it has been 6 years, I've been doing nothing and just living in the past memories lol.

2011's coming to an end.
Dreading Sec4 life, but honestly really looking forward to 2012.
2011 has been a year that has really given me lots of shit, but I learnt to make shitcakes out of it. Seriously.
If I had to really just recall all the unfortunate events that happened this year, it's plain misery.
But what is the point on focusing on all this miserable events that happened, and lose focus on the great future right up ahead.
I should pray to God sincerely about getting that scholarship to Japan to major in Social Sciences.
Let's see how it goes then~ ∩( ・ω・)∩

God bless ♥

Thursday, June 2, 2011, 10:40 PM


I've blogged, happy?



One extract to warn you to not offend me anymore:

OMG 1C3'09 ;____________;
It's the other way round now!
1C3 - 3C1


Thursday, March 17, 2011, 12:38 AM

Sigh...sometimes I just wish to be in a boys school, I can show off more of my potential to kick ass there hehe.
By the way, did I mention I had a huge crush on Ms Namita? The way she teaches SS is just so cute, I can't keep my eyes off her. (Shh, don't tell anyone, although I post this on my blog. )